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[netCDF #NFZ-507170]: Writing data to netcdf


What makes you think the other data (IVM density, etc.) are not saved/loaded 

I'm also unclear why you're creating a 3D variable here of size 1214 x 1214 x 

    tgrs_density = 

if the data arrays only have 1214 total entries? Also the line


sets *all* the values in the output file to the one set of 1214 entries, 
repeating as necessary.


> Good morning Ward,
> attached is my current script discussed in the previous emails. The section
> of code where I attempt to make a netCDF file is near the end at line 485.
> I have also attached the data save as a .npz and the resulting netCDF. For
> the netCDF I attempted to set up longitude, latitude, and time as
> dimensions with IVM density, TGRS density, and gpstime as variables. from
> what i can tell only the latitude and longitude loaded correctly. Can you
> help me understand that I may have coded/formatted incorrectly. As a note
> all data should have a shape/length of 1214 for the time period I ran this
> across.

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