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[netCDF #BUM-177161]: Streaming netCDF4 files

Hi James,

We don't really provide a mechanism for this; the closest I can think of might 
be to use 'nc_open_mem' which takes a pointer to a memory location; once 
opened, this can be read by software linked against libnetcdf.  This only works 
for reading, however.  You can disable fill values when writing the file, so 
perhaps that would result in a file that works with the process you've 


> Hello,
> Do you know how to stream data as it’s written to a netCDF4 file? That is, I 
> want to write data to a stream so that a process can read from that stream 
> and write the bytes to disk. The results should be identical to netcdf4 file 
> ‘written normally.’ One way to do this _might_ be to write data to a tmp file 
> and stream the data from the tmp file using a second thread or process. 
> However, I looked at this and it seems that the netCDF API writes fill values 
> into the file, so looking at growth of the file size results in a streamed 
> file with all the right metadata, but fill values for data.
> Thanks,
> James
> --
> James Gallagher
> address@hidden

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