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[THREDDS #YPS-840722]: OPeNDAP on THREDDS 4.6.11

We need more information from the server.
Ideally, there should have been some kind of
thrown Java exception reported in one of the logs
(probably which ever one get the System.err output).
Also, can you send the url pointing to the catalog entry
from which (I assume) you got that failing url?

> I'm running into an error accessing a netCDF dataser over opendap in a newly 
> setup THREDDS server. Any request that includes square brackets seems to fail 
> with a 400 error on this server.
> Doesn't work:
> https://tiger.hpc.okstate.edu/thredds/dodsC/monthly-soil-moisture/vwc_2018-07.nc.ascii?lat[0:1:469]
> Here's the corresponding line from Tomcat's localhost_access_log:
> [25/Jul/2018:14:33:06 -0500] "GET null null" 400 -
> Does work:
> https://tiger.hpc.okstate.edu/thredds/dodsC/monthly-soil-moisture/vwc_2018-07.nc.ascii?lat
> Here's the corresponding line from Tomcat's localhost_access_log:
> [25/Jul/2018:14:33:34 -0500] "GET 
> /thredds/dodsC/monthly-soil-moisture/vwc_2018-07.nc.ascii?lat HTTP/1.1" 200 
> 8558
> I currently have the default opendap settings in threddsConfig.xml:
> <Opendap>
> <ascLimit>50</ascLimit>
> <binLimit>500</binLimit>
> <serverVersion>opendap/3.7</serverVersion>
> </Opendap>
> Do you all know of a fix for this or have any recommendations for further 
> troubleshooting?
> Evan Linde
> Research Cyberinfrastructure Analyst
> Oklahoma State University
> High Performance Computing Center
> 405-744-1455
> http://hpcc.okstate.edu/

=Dennis Heimbigner

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