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[netCDF #EEQ-473331]: diskless and database

Hello Tony,

Because there are no guarantees that netCDF data is contiguous in memory, there 
isn't really a way provided to access the 'head' of the netCDF data in memory 
via a pointer.  You would need to 'crawl' the netCDF data via the API, querying 
the various variables you have stored.  

I'm sorry I can't provide the answer you were looking for, but hopefully this 
information will be useful.

Have a great day,


> Hi
> I'm just testing netcdf (latest version) and I want to save some
> configuration data in NetCDF format (not big size up to kBs) and after
> that insert this netcdf file into database, for simpler management.
> Now I've discovered diskless options, whole file will be in memory but
> how can I access this memory location and size to be able to copy it
> into database without saving file on disk? It will be great if I can
> skip disk access useless operation.
> I appreciate any suggestion.
> Best regards
> Tony
> ps I'm little disappointed that netcdf is using row-major order,
> otherwise it would be an excellent library.

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