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[netCDF #BRS-900510]: Fwd: data type of netCDF file in Java


Thanks for providing the screenshots; they made it much easier to have ideas as 
to what's going on.

The problematic file, wfrout.nc, which I'm guessing is from a WRF run, is 
probably not compliant with the Climate and Forecasting (CF)
conventions for netCDF files (http://cfconventions.org/), and thus toolsUI is 
not able to properly make sense of the data. This is a known
problem with WRF output. Here are some resources to help you fix it:


I hope these help.


> In the file  where it shows *datatype as grid *I am able to fetch the data
> while from other file where *datatype is vacant,* it is not possible to
> fetch the data. I am able to read all the data in ncl (Linux version), also
> the data is showing properly in *ncl_filedump* command.

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