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[netCDFJava #OLE-532670]: Re: ToolsUI fields entry for TimeSeriesProfile data

Hi Ellyn,

The "Fields" column is showing the values of profile variables (i.e. Hdg_1215, 
Ptch_1216, Rec, etc). Right-clicking the table row and selecting "Show Fields" 
should clarify things. I agree that it's a bit confusing; in the future, I'd 
like to create a separate column for each variable, instead of just cramming 
them all in "Fields".

As for the NaNs, when a dataset is read by NetCDF-Java, by default it assigns 
NaNs to values it determines are missing, for efficiency. It thinks that the 
"AGC_1202" values are missing because you have:

:valid_range = 255.0, 255.0; // double

You'll want to widen that range.


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