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[netCDF #IIK-866384]: netCDF and netCDF C: "--prefix=<dir>"

Hi Max,

> I need to install both netCDF and netCDF C: if I configure
> both with the same "--prefix=<dir>" (install both in the
> same directory), should that be ok?

You can install any of the various netCDF language-specific libraries
in the same directory. There used to be a combined software package
named "netCDF", with netCDF-C, netCDF-Fortran, and netCDF-C++
libraries all combined, but they have been split into separate
software distributions since June 2011. The netCDF-Fortran,
netcdf4-python, and netCDF-C++ libraries all depend on first
installing the netCDF-C library.  Java netCDF is independent of
netCDF-C unless you want to write netCDF-4 files, in which case it is
also dependent on netCDF-C.

Follow these instructions for netCDF-C:


and then these instructions for netCDF-Fortran:


There is also a highly experimental way to have netCDF-Fortran built 
automatically after netCDF-C. If you want to try that, follow the instructions 
in the netCDF-4.3.3-rc3 release notes:


> Best regards,
> Max
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