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[netCDF #COZ-480925]: error netcdf installing

Hello Victor,

The fact that you had to run 'make check' as root suggests there are some 
permissions errors somewhere.  This is normally not necessary.  Ignoring that, 
however,  it appears that (when running as root) the fortran tests are failing 
to link properly.  This may be the result of many possible factors.  Can you 
provide your config.log file generated when you configured netcdf?

It is also worth noting that netcdf-4.1.3 is quite old.  You may benefit from 
downloading and building the modern netcdf libraries.  The netcdf-c and 
netcdf-fortran libraries have been split into separate libraries, but you can 
install them both.  Note that netcdf-fortran requires netcdf-c to be installed.

You may download them at the following locations.



> Hello, unidata friends
> I am trying to install netcdf-4.1.3 in Centos 7 on machine of 64 bits and I
> have problems when I run make check.
> run the command "make check" as root
> and I was out the file make_check01.out
> After.
> run the command "make check" without root
> and I was out the file make_check.out
> Please i need your help
> Best regards.

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