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[netCDF #XDL-677114]: NetCDF

Hi Raffaele,

> I'm working with NetCDF file format by using Ubuntu 14.04 version. I
> need to make an update of Netcdf libraries.
> Actually, I'm working with the following version:
> ---------
> netcdf library version 4.1.3 of Feb 24 2014 21:05:37
> ---------
> I want to install the 4.2.1 version. For this purpose, Will I have to do an 
> uninstall of the previous version?

You don't *have* to uninstall the previous version.  If you want the new 
version installed in the
same lib/, bin/, and include/ directories as the previous version, you can just 
specify the same 
parent directory of the lib/ and install/ directories where it's now installed, 
--prefix=/usr/local (for example), and the new libraries and header files will 
just overwrite the 
old ones.

However, if you want to *keep* the old 4.1.3 installed version for any reason 
(for example testing
against the new version, in case you encounter a new bug), you will need to 
specify a different
install directory with --prefix=... and you will need to build applications 
using appropriate
compiler and linker flags that point to the new install point (or use the new 
bin/nc-config program
to determine what flags to use).

If you don't use the netCDF Fortran library, you can ignore the rest of this 

NetCDF version 4.1.3 had both the C libraries and Fortran libraries combined 
into one software
package, which complicated the building and maintenance of the library in 
various ways that
made the libraries harder to support.  More recent versions have separated the 
C and Fortran
distributions, so you build and install just the netCDF C library first, then 
build and install the
netCDF Fortran library.  Fortran programs have to link against both libraries 
by using
"-lnetcdff" instead of "-lnetcdf".

We support netCDF C releases up to 4.3.2 (most recent) and netCDF Fortran 
releases up
to 4.4.0 (most recent), which are all compatible with each other.  We also 
currently have
pre-release candidate version netcdf-c-4.3.3-rc1 and netcdf-fortran-4.4.1-rc1 
GitHub, if you want the very latest versions, with a few more bug fixes and 


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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