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[netCDF #WLE-423514]: [netcdf-porting] bug when trying to open a non-existing file on Windows

I clearly misunderstood.
If the issue is a non-existent file, then my fix will not
help that. I do not think we have ever seen a crash due to
accessing a non-existent file.  Normally that would be a symptom
of an operating system problem. So frankly I am baffled as to how
to proceed. 

As to cmake, we have hired a new person to work on that, but
you need to remember that HDF has some 4 times as many programmers
as does Unidata and they only have 1 library to support. We have
some half a dozen projects.  We of course will gratefully
take large donations to work on specific projects :-)

=Dennis Heimbigner

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