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[netCDF #WQO-446012]: NetCDF


There are several ways to open netCDF files, but it really depends on how you 
wish to access the data contained within. What language or analysis package do 
you plan on using? We support the C, FORTRAN, C++, and Java languages, and have 
a visualization and analysis program called the Integrated Data Viewer that can 
read and view netCDF files (as well as a number of other weather and climate 
data formats), although there are several other languages and packages that 
will read/write netCDF through 3rd party support (e.g. Python, Matlab, Excel, 
IDL, etc.).

Another question: where did you download the data? Depending on the type of 
dataserver, you may be able to get the data in a format that is more readily 
useable for you.



> Support team:-
> I recently downloaded some data files with an NC extension, and have
> been told that these datasets are written in NetCDF Data Format. All
> I want to do is to open the files and be able to read them.
> I have downloaded and unzipped netcdf.tar, and also downloaded
> netcdf-4.2 and netcdfAll-4.2.
> However, I am still unable to open the files, and whenever I go to
> FAQ or Usersguide on your website, I get deluged with information
> using jargon that I don't understand. Is there any simple way to open
> these files?
> Roger LeB. Hooke
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> 5790 Bryand Global Sciences Center
> University of Maine
> Orono, ME 04469-5790
> Phone: 207-581-2203
> FAX:    207-581-2202

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