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[netCDF #PIJ-469039]: FAIL: tst_vars with pathscale compiler (on Lynx)

Hi Davide,

Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your question!
> I successfully compiled netcdf 4.1.3 on our Cray XT4 (Lynx) with
> pathscale compiler.
> Unfortunately, make check fails on tst_vars (see attached logs). Do you
> know of a workaround? Is it ok to install anyway with the missing
> functionality or is this something essential to the library?

> *** Testing netcdf-4 variable functions.
> *** testing netcdf-4 varids inq on netcdf-3 file...ok.
> *** testing simple variables...Sorry! Unexpected result, tst_vars.c, line: 565
> FAIL: tst_vars

This actually indicated a bug in the pathscale compiler, that was reported
earlier by Tim Cairns:

I think Tim reported that pathscale issued a patch or a fixed version, but
I can't seem to find that email, so I may be confusing it with something else.

The particular failure is a fairly obscure use case, calling nc_get_var_schar()
to read in a value from a floating point variable as a signed char, between
-128 and 127, and getting a result different from expected.  So you could
probably install the resulting library and no one would encounter that 


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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