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[netCDF #ULN-920732]: issues with netCDF library

Hi Avirup,

> Thank you very much for your reply. Initially i don't need parallel I/O
> capabilities. So according to your suggestion, I am trying a different
> example for testing. The example for is called test_prog.f90 and it looks
> like:
> program test_prog
> use typeSizes
> use netcdf
> implicit none
> print *, 'NetCDF version: ', nf90_inq_libvers()
> print *, '*** SUCCESS!'
> end program test_prog

I'm not sure why the "use typeSizes" statement is in the above
program, because it's not needed.  The "typesizes.mod" file is used
internally by the Fortran-90 netCDF interface, but user programs
should not need to use it or include it.  It's not mentioned in the
NetCDF Fortran-90 Users Guide or used in any of the Fortran-90 example
programs we provide at


Also, I just commented it out and successfully compiled and ran your
example program.  So try deleting it.

> It seems it is using netcdf.lib and typeSizes.mod. When i built netcdf
> library, i got these items: In my I got netcdf.lib, netcdf.mod, netcdf.obj,
> netcdf4.obj, typesizes.mod and typesizes.obj. (NO typeSizes.lib). all are
> located in the same directory (
> C:\Users\avirup\Desktop\UEBProject\Libraries\netcdf-4.1.3\f90\netcdf\netcdf\Debug\).

There is no typeSizes.lib, so don't worry about that.

> I am using Intel visual FORTRAN and windows 7-64 bit machine. Now i
> am getting the following error. Cold you please help me with that.
> 1>ipo: warning #11010: file format not recognized for
> C:\Users\avirup\Desktop\UEBProject\Libraries\netcdf-4.1.3\f90\netcdf\netcdf\Debug\typesizes.mod
> 1>C:\Users\avirup\Desktop\UEBProject\Libraries\netcdf-4.1.3\f90\netcdf\netcdf\Debug\typesizes.mo>
> d
> : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or disk full: cannot seek to 0x3047
> I think I called the libraries in a proper way using directions from
> the following link:
> http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/error-lnk2019-unresolved-external-symbol-dfti-commit-descriptor-external-referenced-in-function-main/

The error above should disappear if you remove the unnecessary "use
typeSizes" statement.

If you still have problems, you should note that Unidata currently
doesn't support using the netCDF Fortran-90 library on Windows,
because we don't test it and have difficulty building it under Visual
Studio with a variety of Fortran compilers, as described here:


However, another user has contributed a complete build for Windows,
including Fortran-90, and you might be able to use that.  It is
described here:


That message was just posted yesterday, and we will soon be adding it
to the documentation.


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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