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[netCDF #QPK-184863]: Can't build netcdf4 on AIX Power6 machine (Was: [JIRA] Commented: (BP-32) netcdf + ncview)

> Dennis / Jason:
> I am putting you two in touch with one another with the hope that you can
> work together to get netCDF built on blueprint. Not being able to have
> netCDF is impacting my research. I know that it is possible to build netcdf
> on a Power6 AIX machine - bluefire at NCAR has it. Perhaps if someone from
> Unidata were given a temporary account on blueprint they could get this to
> work.
> I reiterate I am wishing netcdf4 to be built. I tried building regular
> netCDF and was unable to build it either.
> I hope you are able to help me out - this really shouldn't be so hard.
> netCDF is probably the most common data format used in meteorology!
> Leigh

Howdy Leigh!

I believe the daily snapshot release now builds cleanly on AIX:

Please let me know if this doesn't work for you.



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