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[netCDF #MCP-225119]: Need NetCdf.dll of 64-bit version

> Hi, Sir/Madam:
> I have some trouble when rebuild my Windows Dll to a 64-bit version in
> Visiual Studio 2010, which previously develop in VC6.0(32-bit windows
> dll), and  depend on netcdf.dll (which is also 32-bit version), and I
> wonder is there any prebuilt binary netcdf.dll of 64-bit version.
> Thanks in advance and looking forward to you help.
> Thanks
> 2010-11-30
> Sophy

Howdy Sophy!

Sorry, we are discontinuing support of Visual Studio due to the way that it 
changes so much from version to version. We don't have the resources to keep up 
with Microsoft. ;-)

I am trying now to produce DLLs with Cygwin. When I get that working, I will 
try to do a 64-bit one as well. It will be announced on the netCDF mailing list 
when it is available.



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