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[netCDFJava #ELE-133387]: Trouble opening a netCDF file in ToolsUI

Hi Tom,

If you are still having trouble with this, could you try it in the latest 
ToolsUI 4.2 (beta 2)? It is available on the netCDF-Java web page


Make sure the "Add Coordinates" option (the flower pot icon) is turned off. 
That may be the setting that is causing trouble. (Yes, there is a ToolsUI 
config directory. It is in $HOME/.unidata.) Though I'm not sure "Add 
Coordinates" is the problem as it works for me in the Viewer tab whether the 
"Add Coordinates" option is on or not.

On the other hand, when I try to open it in the "CoordSys" or "Grids" tabs, the 
NsslRadarMosaicConvention still tries to handle it and still throws a 

OK. I just added a check to the NRMC.isMine() method for two dimensions, "Lat" 
and "Lon", that it uses elsewhere in the code. Now if they don't exist, like in 
your example file, the NRMC won't claim the dataset as one it knows how to 
handle. Though I'm not sure the result, no action or message, is actually much 
better than getting a NPException.


> Ethan...
> Thanks for taking a look -- I still cannot get it to open in the
> Viewer tab...oh well.  I tried toolsUI-4.2.jar as well....not "cref"
> message, but it said "NetcdfDataset.open cant open
> d:\DATA_DRIVE\sarah\test.nc  null"....
> ....and "NCDump" still gives the Exception in NRMC...  Interesting,
> though,  that the NRMC thinks it "knows".
> For what she is doing, she does not need CF-like stuff.
> I did find a copy of toosUI-2.2.18.jar and it was able to open just
> fine in the Viewer and NCDump tabs...something weird is going on
> here....is there a "config file" or something for toolsUI?
> tom

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