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[netCDF #UND-570893]: Error message


> here the informations you have asked for:
> - netcdf 4.1.1
> For the rest see attachments. Can I ignore the failing tests or errors?

You can ignore the failing tests only if you have no need for the
netCDF Fortran interfaces, but will just use the C or C++ interfaces.
In that case you could rebuild netCDF, specifying the environment
variables FC='' and F77='' or using --disable-fortran before running
the "configure" script, to indicate you don't want the Fortran APIs
built or tested.

If you do need the Fortran interfaces, then you should make sure you
can compile and run Fortran programs with your ifort compiler.
Currently, there appears to be a problem using the ifort compiler,
with compiled objects referencing a gfortran run-time library:  

  test_get.o: In function `test_nf_get_varm_double':
  /home/bm1306/netcdf/netcdf-4.1.1/nf_test/test_get.F:4759: undefined reference 
to `_gfortran_stop_numeric'
  test_get.o: In function `test_nf_get_varm_real':
  /home/bm1306/netcdf/netcdf-4.1.1/nf_test/test_get.F:4531: undefined reference 
to `_gfortran_stop_numeric'

It's as if you have gfortran and ifort both installed on the system,
but ifort doesn't have the needed environment variables set to tell it
where to look for the ifort run-time libraries or you compiled some of
the Fortran functions with gfortran and then switched to ifort.

On our Intel Fortran compiler (ifort) there is a shell script that we
must run (ifortvars.sh) which sets environment variables that are
needed. Make sure you have run this script.

If you have trouble getting ifort working, you may want to check this
Intel web page on compiling netCDF with icc and ifort:


although it's intended for an older version of netCDF (3.6.2).


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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