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[netCDF #PEN-204681]: Problem reading NetCDF 4 classic files b/w NetCDF 4.0.1 and 4.1.1?


It turns out I was wrong, the bug you reported was actually another symptom of 
the same 
bug that 1.8.4-patch1 fixed.  Here's the explanation from the HDF5 developer:

On 05/14/2010 02:55 PM, Russ Rew wrote:
> We have reports of a possibly different bug with the symptoms that
>    - a file with more than 8 attributes of an object is written on a
>      little-endian platform using version 1.8.4-patch1.
>    - an attempt to read that file on a big-endian platform using version
>      before 1.8.4-patch1 results in a seg fault.
> Is this just another symptom of the same bug (the contrapositive of the
> other bug :-), or is it a different bug?

Yes, that is the same bug.  Basically, there are two populations as
far as the endianness of these values in the file goes:

1. All little-endian machines, and big-endian machines using 1.8.4-p1
   or later
2. Big-endian machines using 1.8.4 or earlier

Files written by one group cannot be read by the other.  Files written
by group 2 do not conform to the file format spec and are technically
corrupt (though they can still be read just fine by group 2).

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