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[netCDFJava #HMB-497600]: Reading NDFD Files

Hi Rob,

This is going to be a short answer because I'm leaving town today until May6. 
The coordinates are x and y for the NDFD type data. Once you have the file open 
as a GridDataset, then you can get the NetcdfFile associated with the 
GridDataset and get the values for x and y.

      NetcdfFile ncf = gridDataSet.getNetcdfFile();
      List<Variable> vars = ncf.getVariables();
      for (Variable var : vars) {
      Variable x = ncf.findVariable("x");
      // need to get the correct dimension here, 1072 was from my sample file
      Array data = x.read("0:1072");
      IndexIterator iter = data.getIndexIterator();
      System.out.print("x = "); 
      while (iter.hasNext()) {
        int val = iter.getIntNext();
        System.out.print(val +" ");

      One also has get the y variable too.

      There are some GridCoordSys() routines to help too.


     There's probably a better way of doing this, I can revisit when I get back

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