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[McIDAS #WZN-876254]: Windows 10 and McIDAS-X

Hi Kwan,

> I am wondering if you have tested running McIDAS-X in Windows 10 together
> with the Virtual Machine.

Yes, I tested this when I upgraded my Dell Studio 1458 laptop from Windows
7 to 10 at the end of December.  I didn't run in this configuration for
too long as Windows 10 did not recognize my Bluetooth adapter, and I was
unable to completely uninstall the Bluetooth-related "stuff" that had
been installed.  Since I had cloned my Windows 7 disk, I simply reverted
back to Windows 7.

As for my impression running McIDAS under CentOS 6.7 x86_64 inside of
VMware Player while running Windows 10, I saw essentially no performance
change from my Windows 7 environment.

> For your information, my experience with
> McIDAS-X running in Windows 8 soon degraded last year because there was
> always a background process "tiworker.exe" that had caused excessive hard
> disk access while the Virtual Machine and McIDAS-X were running.  Do you
> have any idea about this problem?

No.  I did not have your experience.

A quick Google (tm) search using 'tiworker.exe' as the search key showed that
others have been having issues with tiworker.exe under Windows 8.x.  For 


My search did not show any complaints from users running Windows 7.

> I was thinking that perhaps upgrading to
> Windows 10 might help but I would like to see if you have tested it in
> Windows 10 first.

I am not sure that I ran under Windows 10 long enough to be able to
assure you that things will work for you.


- did you do a web search similar to the one I refer to above and try
  to take any of the corrective actions that various people were


- you may find it useful to do what I did:

  Clone your current Windows system disk (I used Clonezilla); replace the
  current disk with the clone; and then upgrade the cloned disk to Windows 10.

  If performance is worse, you can always revert back to your Windows 8
  environment by replacing the clone with the original disk.

> Thank you again for your insights.

No worries.

By the way, I will be upgrading to Windows 10 again once I uninstall all
Bluetooth-related software in Windows 7; replace the WiFi and Bluetooth
adapters with the combined WiFi-Bluetooth adapter that I bought for about
$25 and is known to be recognized by Windows 10; and then get the new
WiFi and Bluetooth setup working in Windows 7.


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