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[McIDAS #PHC-902065]: Not able to access ADDE servers

Hi Bill,

> I just upgraded a couple machines to ubuntu/Mint (one Mint 17, one Mint 16).  
> Mcidas
> built fine and will access local data (DSINFO IMAGE TOPO returns stuff as 
> expected), but
> with DATALOC LIST showing ADDE.UCAR.EDU for RTGRIDS, GINICOMP, etc, the 
> appropriate
> DSINFO GRID RTGRIDS will just hang...no response, and produce a zombie 
> process if Mcidas
> is exited.

The problem is likely to _not_ reside on your side.  We had a major failure on
motherlode.ucar.edu at around 8 pm MDT on Saturday night.  Just so you know,
adde.ucar.edu is one of the services that runs on motherlode.ucar.edu.  We are
redirecting all traffic headed for the services hosted on motherlode (e.g.,
adde.ucar.edu, thredds.ucar.edu, etc.) to a motherlode clone, atm.ucar.edu.
For the great majority of ADDE datasets, the holdings on atm.ucar.edu are
identical to those on adde.ucar.edu.  The exceptions to this are grid datasets
like RTGRIDS and RTGRIBS.  This is likely to be the cause of the problems you
are experiencing.

> Oh yeah, running Centos 6.5 previously (3 days ago) I had no trouble 
> acquiring data
> (heh!  I know.)

It seems that our machine problems and your switching to a new OS unfortunately
occurred at the same time, and the impression would be that the problem was
something with your new OS.  I don't think that this is the case, but we will
know for sure when motherlode is returned to service either late tomorrow or
sometime on Wednesday (we replaced the power shelf (4x power supplies and
power controller) this afternoon; the OS will be reloaded tonight; and
mop up will likely extend into tomorrow sometime).

> Port issues come to mind.  The firewall is turned off, but I cannot telnet 
> into any port
> (say 112 or 80) that should be open...refused by host.  I don't know if 
> that's a red
> herring, because I have no other problems browsing the web.

Telnet connections are not being relayed in our current setup.  But, telnet 
to atm.ucar.edu does what is expected:

/home/yoksas% telnet atm.ucar.edu 112
Connected to atm.ucar.edu.
Escape character is '^]'.

> Looking through the email support docs there was one other user in Sept 2014 
> with ubuntu
> issues, but it wasn't exactly the same, since I'm not serving, only consuming 
> data.

Aside: I was not aware that Mint was a derivative of Ubuntu/Debian... 

> If it's a tough issue I can probably just put a new cut of Centos on.  I just 
> needed
> something more current for other media and decided to try the ubuntu family.  
> We're not
> married so change back wouldn't hurt TOO much.  Thanks.

Please do not rush off and spend time reloading OSes until we have motherlode 
back up
and running as before.  Again, we are hoping to be able to return the machine 
to full
service sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.


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