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[McIDAS #PIR-584729]: McIDAS Research Questions

Hi Rod,

First, I am at the AMS annual meeting in Austin, TX at the moment, so my
ability to respond to support email will be slower than I would like.
Yesterday I spent time travelling to Austin and then setting up the Unidata
booth in the Exhibit hall, so I was pretty much not available all day.

> So now to display the EU=CLW4 color table with the 10.7 and 3.9 micrometer
> that Dan Lindsey gave me a while back. That has to be calibrated correct?

No.  Enhancements are simply maps of color values to pixel values.  In
McIDAS, all displayed values are BRITnesses, and enhancements are simply
a map of the colors to assign to those BRIT values.

> If so how can that be done? Because I am trying to display the range of
> effective radius values on the bottom of the image.

I thought you were going to use Dan's GRAYOVER command to do this.  Have
you changed your approach?

> Like on this frame.

OK.  You would need to run GRAYOVER for the frame represented in this
GIF capture like you did some time previously.

> Also what I find peculiar is the max and min location of the max and min
> effective radius.

Remember that the min and max value locations will be for the remapped
image which you then turn into a grid using IMGGRD.  I am pointing this
out because the GIF you attached in the second email of this exchange
was a display of an image in its original satellite projection

> Statistics of
> Parameter: AVG
> Units: BRIT
> Level of data: B#01
> Initial time of data: 202500 UTC
> Initial day of data: 2011117
> ****-hour forecast
> Dataset: LOC/GRIDS
> Minimum: 0.2140800E+03 occurred at [row,col]: [ 57, 91]
> * [lat,lon]: [ 33.00, 90.00] *
> Maximum: 0.2549200E+03 occurred at [row,col]: [ 52, 91]
> * [lat,lon]: [ 38.00, 90.00] *
> Mean: 0.2394359E+03
> SD : 0.1055236E+02
> Number of points analyzed: 64619
> Number of points missing: 64573

> Question this maximum and minimum value when I try to find it on GR2
> Analyst is out of range of interest is this because the maximum
> and minimum values are on that Grid space only?

I don't understand what you are asking/referring to.  GR2 (which I know
nothing about) is for displaying radar imagery, true?   Are you saying
that you expect that the min/max values in the Effective Radius
images should be coincident with min/max values of radar images?

> If so is there way that can
> be converted into the range of the supercell case of interest?

Again, I am lost for what you are asking; please clarify.


- the contours drawn when you run IMGPROBE with the CONT option
  are actually drawn by GRDDISP

  What happens behind the scene for you is:

  - the image is converted into a grid

  - the grid is written into a temporary file

  - GRDDISP is run to display contours on top of the image
    you are working with

  - the temporary grid file is deleted so you will never
    see it

- you could choose to not use the CONT option for IMGPROBE
  and simply proceed to creation of the grid using IMGGRD
  and then contour the grid just created over your satellite

  Doing things this way would reinforce where the high and
  low data values are.

  Doing things this way would also allow you to plot the grid
  values on top of the satellite image (GRDDISP can plot
  contours or values).  Plotting the values (suitably decluttered
  so you don't end up with too many data points in the display)
  might be informative for you

  Please read the built-in help for GRDDISP to see all of the things
  that it can do.  Then, try playing around with GRDDISP to see
  if it can provide the kind of display that you want.

I will try to check support email throughout the day today, but this
will be spotty at best.


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