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[McIDAS #LWT-900470]: Installing McIDAS on CentOS 5

Hi Nathan,

> My VM software (since I run all my Linux stuff on VM's on my Mac) only 
> supports
> CentOS 5.

That's strange and interesting.  My CentOS x86_64 v6.3 environment is a VMware 
machine that I run on my Dell Studio 1458 Win7 laptop.

> Should I use Fedora instead for McIDAS?

I don't know why Fedora would be any different than CentOS.  After all, CentOS
IS RedHat Enterprise (RHEL) is the production version of one or more Fedora

> I can roll a Fedora VM if need be.

A current Fedora VM will work?  I switched from Fedora to CentOS at Fedora 15.
The reason?  My VM environment doesn't support direct video card access like
what is needed for Fedora 15+.  I also got tired of upgrading to new Fedora
VMs every year - year and a half.

> I could do 32 or 64 Bit too, whichever you'd recommend.

64-bit would be my recommendation.

> I've installed those packages through yum before when building GEMPAK,
> so I should know how to install the pre-requisites.

Very good.

> After that, do I just cd to my McIDAS files and do a make all and
> make install?

If you are running in a Linux VM, you would do the 'yum' installations
as 'root' and then become 'mcidas' to do the McIDAS-X build/install.

re: will you be installing packages needed for software development?

> I'll be doing them myself, but if that's all I need that's listed below,
> I can su to root and use yum to install them. Definitely something I'm 
> familiar with. :-)

Very good.  I sent along the lists just so you could see the type of
packages that may need to be installed.  The list of packages was different
for my Fedora 14 and CentOS 6.1 VMs mainly because whoever created the VMs
installed different sets of packages.

> Thanks!

No worries.

By the way, are you getting McIDAS-X from SSEC?  I ask because Unidata can't
distribute McIDAS-X to non-educational institutions/people ** UNLESS ** they
are members in good standing of the McIDAS User's Group (MUG).


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