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[McIDAS #JGU-378119]: cannot connect to server

Hi Bernie,

> I hope you are doing well.

I am doing nicely.  Thanks for asking!

> I remember you saying that this type of question should be sent somewhere,
> but am not sure where so you can advise me where to send it and I'll
> send it there if you like.

Since the question is McIDAS related, it is best sent to:


As you can see, I drove the email there myself, so there is no need
for you to resend.

> The reason I am sending this question to you is that you have posted a
> similar question but it is from many years ago and when McIDAS had more
> than one port.
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/support/help/MailArchives/datastream/msg00918.html
> We are scratching our heads - Barbados has McIDAS running on a system,
> but gets the error 'Cannot contact server' when it tries to connect to the
> NESDIS PUB server or our ULY server here at CIRA (to get some TPW data).
> They are successful at pinging the servers.  They have checked and opened
> the 112 port in their firewall.

The typical firewall setup is to allow all outgoing transfers through
most, if not all, ports.  This means that it is not likely that any
change needs to be made on the CIMH firewall.

What is most likely is that the firewall at the ADDE server site(s) are
not configured to allow the request on port 112.

> Do you have any suggestions on what else to check?

I suggest that they try a couple of things:

- first, verify that they can contact an ADDE server outside of their
  domain.  I suggest trying one of the Unidata operated ones since
  I know how they are configured and that our firewalls are fully
  open for requests on port 112:

  <as 'mcidas' at CIMH>
  cd $MCDATA
  dataloc.k ADD RTIMAGES adde.ucar.edu

  If this works (and it should), it will tell us that they (CIMH)
  do not have a block on outgoing port 112 requests.

- also, have them 'telnet' to port 112 on the server that is
  not responding:

  <still as 'mcidas' at CIMH>
  telnet ulysses.cira.colostate.edu 112

  NB: I have a DATALOC for a ULY dataset on my McIDAS development
  machine here at Unidata.  My DATALOC was by the IP address:

  I used 'nslookup' to lookup the name of this machine, and got
  ulysses.cira.colostate.edu, so I figured that it might be
  the correct CSU/CIRA machine.


  - am I pointing at the correct machine for the ULY dataset?

    If yes, I can say that my access to it is being blocked.
    I actually expect that I have the wrong IP address since
    I can not ping the machine.


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