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[McIDAS #HZC-630597]: mcidas question

Hi Sepide,

> i am the only one using mcidas
> and i run it from home directory

From which HOME directory?  The HOME directory for the user 'mcidas'
or the HOME directory for you?

> i have my inputs on hard drives
> but my outputs goes into /home/mcidas/workdata

Since the output is going into /home/mcidas/workdata, I will assume
that you are running the processing steps as the user 'mcidas'.

> what i have is some hourly data for different stations
> each time i want to have my output in a specific folder on my hard drives
> each time i write
> dsserve.k add ......
> then
> dsserve.k NCDF/NCDF[year][station] NCDF 1 9999 TYPE=IMAGE
> then
> imgcopy.k ......


- I don't understand the first dsserve.k add ..... command you sketch out
  above.  Is it a command that sets up the input ADDE dataset?

- are you running these commands by hand, or are they being run from a 
  shell script?

> how can i redirect my out put into the hard drives each time i run the
> script?

If you are always running the commands from the same directory, you can
setup a McIDAS file REDIRECTion which tells McIDAS routines where to
read/write the files whose names match the file mask portion of the
REDIRECTion.  In the example you sketched out above, the descriptor
portion of the ADDE dataset always begins with NCDF:


You can setup a file REDIRECTion that tells McIDAS to read/write all
files that begin with NCDF in a particular directory.  For instance,
if you wanted your output to go into the /data/netCDF directory,
you could use the following REDIRECT command to setup the redirection:

redirect.k ADD NCDF\* \"/data/netCDF

If the output directory changes for each day/station combination, you
would need to be more specific about where to put the files.  For

redirect.k ADD NCDF2007KDEN\* \"/data/netCDF/2007/KDEN

NB:  The directory you are using in the REDIRECT command must exist;
McIDAS will not create it for you.  Given this, your REDIRECT command
might look like:

mkdir -p /data/netCDF/2007/KDEN
redirect.k ADD NCDF2007KDEN\* \"/data/netCDF/2007/KDEN

NB: 'mkdir -p' says to make all directories in the directory path
specified.  This will only work if you have write permission (i.e.,
in order to create the directory /data/netCDF/2007, you need write
permission in /data/netCDF).


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