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[McIDAS #UPR-175522]: Problem Downloading McIDAS

Hi Lloyd,

> I have a problem installing McIDAS. Here is the final output from makelog
> O3 -I/home/mcidas/mcidas2009/g2clib/../jasper/src/libjasper/include
> -DUSE_JPEG2000   -c -o getpoly.o getpoly.c
> make[1]: O3: Command not found
> make[1]: [getpoly.o] Error 127 (ignored)
> O3 -I/home/mcidas/mcidas2009/g2clib/../jasper/src/libjasper/include
> -DUSE_JPEG2000   -c -o seekgb.o seekgb.c
> make[1]: O3: Command not found
> make[1]: [seekgb.o] Error 127 (ignored)
> ar ruv libgrib2c.a *.o
> ar: creating libgrib2c.a
> ar: *.o: No such file or directory
> make[1]: *** [libgrib2c.a] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mcidas/mcidas2009/g2clib'
> make    /home/mcidas/mcidas2009/g2clib: FAILED
> My OS is Centos 5.4

Problems like this are typically the result of not properly/entirely
defining needed environment variables before attempting the build.  I
include in the Unidata McIDAS distribution shell scripts that are
designed to be sourced to set the needed environment variables.  The
instructions I put in the Unidata McIDAS Users Guide show how to
modify one's shell-specific definition file (e.g., .cshrc for the
C Shell, .bash_profile, etc.) to source the appropriate file.


- did you setup your 'mcidas' account to source the appropriate
  environment variable definition file?

- what shell is 'mcidas' using?

If the problem turns out to _not_ be related to the setting of needed
environment variables (a rare occurrence in my experience), would it
be possible for me to login to the machine on which you are installing
McIDAS so I can look around?  If yes, I would need the fully qualified
name of the machine, its firewall to allow SSH access from the outside,
and the password for the account (sent without reference to the machine
or account to my private email address, address@hidden).


- if you make a change to the environmental setup, you should start
  your build from scratch.  This is easily done by:

  <as 'mcidas'>
  cd ~mcidas/mcidas2009/src
  make clobber

  After this, you can retry the build:


  -- OR --

  make all


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