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[McIDAS #PYR-135620]: McIDAS

Hi Jennie,

re: livos status
> Everything seems to be up and running.

Yup, I am monitoring it via ADDE from home and work.

> Wow, livos IS fast (I was amazed how
> quickly the GRID data displayed...very cool.)

It is a nice machine all right.  I have been very impressed with a number
of speed-related things I have seen.

> One thing I am already regretting is that I didn't get a larger sceen!
> Anyay, when I specify the 600 by 800 size, the image window pops up, but
> because of the panel at the top and bottom for the gnome display, I either
> lose the control buttons on the image window (covered at the top), or I
> cannot see the date/time info on the images (covered at the bottom).  Any
> suggestions?

Two completely different suggestions:

1) if you keep your screen resolution the way it is now (presumably something
   like 768x1024), then I would adjust your McIDAS session window sizes to
   something that fits better:

   <as 'mcidas'>
   mcidas -config
   -- set the number of lines to 550; adjust the number of elements to a
      window shape that is pleasing, say 725

2) I would have to believe that your display can support 1024x1280 resolution.
   To see if this is the case, open the Screen Resolution action (probably
   under System->Preferences) and see what resolutions are supported (you
   will need 'root' privilege to do this as the procedure will modify
   a file that is owned by 'root').

   If your current screen resolution is set to 768x1024 (may read 1024x768)
   change it to 1024x1280 (may read 1280x1024).

   If your current screen resolution is already 1024x1280 (I seriously doubt
   this given your comment above), then increase it to something higher if

> I try to scope out all the grid references I need and then let you know if I
> have any questions.

OK, sounds good.

> Thanks much Tom,

No worries.


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