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[McIDAS #KXE-360876]: Upgrade to Fedora 7. Now what?

Hi Gilbert,

> I just upgraded 3 machines in my department to Fedora 7, with
> weather.admin.niu.edu under the knife tomorrow. I haven't tried
> McIDAS yet on weather2 or weather3, but once again I come to you for help.

This is a bad time as I am in a race to finish putting together my McIDAS
v2007 release before my impending McIDAS training workshop...

> I backed up everything in /etc/services and /etc/xinetd.d, and /home, of
> course...along with the usual rest of the suspects in /etc as well.
> I don't see those as services, so I am guessing they are not on.

The remote ADDE server installation/configuration will result in an entry
in /etc/services (if it is not already there):

mcidas          112/tcp                         # McIDAS Data Transmission 

If the entry is there with the OS installation, there will likely be a second 
that looks like:

mcidas          112/udp                         # McIDAS Data Transmission 

The second entry is not pertinent as McIDAS ADDE does not use UDP.

There will also be a modification to /etc/hosts.allow:

 mcidas mcservsh: ALL : severity local3.info : allow

> Can you refresh my memory on what I need to do on weather2, weather3 and
> (late tomorrow aka Thursday afternoon) weather.admin.niu.edu to get the
> ADDE and THREDDS server to work?

For ADDE, you will need to do the following:

<as 'root'>
cd /home/mcidas
sh mcinst2006.sh install mcadde

This assumes that the user 'mcadde' exists, and that 'xinetd' has been installed
(which it does not appear to be by default anymore) and is running.  Also,
the file .mcenv needs to be located in the /home/mcidas directory as it is
used by the remote ADDE server process on startup of each transaction.

> THREDDS may be up, but I haven't had time
> to check it. Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Please send a separate inquiry to address@hidden for help
on THREDDS issues. I am not the contact person for THREDDS, so I can't offer
much, if any, help.

> One of the last emails sent under RedHat FC5...hello F7!

I am worried that since we don't have a Fedora 7 machine in use as a test 
(we are running it on our idd.unidata.ucar.edu server cluster), that you will
not get much in the way of help if anything doesn't work correctly.

Again, this is a bad time for all of us as we are in the midst of our 2007
series of training workshops, and pretty much everyone is maxed out timewise.


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