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[McIDAS #PYR-135620]: McIDAS

Hi Jennie,

> Wow, you worked crazy late (I remember when I used to be able to do that!)
> to get this done.

Yea, the 'livos project' turned out to be one of those late night efforts.
I hadn't planned this originally, but I found myself awake late one night
and decided to start the process.  Since the build/install/configuration went
very smoothly after MySQL was installed, I decided to get things up and

By the way, livos is nice and fast... nice!

> Thank you so much.  Sadly, its Saturday, and I haven't
> even had a chance to get on and try this out yet.

No worries.

> Regarding the name, I
> was trying to stick with the wind god idea (that started with Aeolus, ruler
> or king of the winds).  Eurus is the east wind, sometimes bringing bad
> storms, but generally depicted as a curly-headed man with an unkempt beard
> and some sadness in his face, viewed as more kind to people than his
> brothers, the North wind (Boreas, and a frequently used name for computers)
> and Notus (the south wind).
> Livos is also a "brother wind", representing the lukewarm Southwest wind,
> also bringing rain.
> So, Eurus and Livos, the brother-winds from the east, southwest (Eurus is
> also sometimes called Apeliotis, who apparently should more specifically
> represent the southeast wind, but its too long a name to use for a computer!
> I liked the parallel 5 letters per hame, and they have consonance or some
> kind of poetic alliteration with evsc (okay, I hope your laughing now.)

Thanks for filling me in. I had not been familiar with the name livos; now
I am.

> So, I am sure I will generate some questions as I start trying to port my
> scripts over to the new mcidas running on livos, but this will be really
> great.  So, I can use mcbasi scripts and .bat files, right?

Yup.  I expect everything to run "out of the box" since the syntax for
McBASI and BATCH files has not changed much if at all.  One thing you will
need to do, however, is modify references for model data.  The setup on
livos is that all model data (currently all HRS and NGRID data from NOAAPORT)
is processed by the GRIB filer and ADDE server.  This resulted in a complete
change of ADDE dataset names for the model data you were previously accessing.
I don't think that the switch will be very hard, but it will require some
review of what is available and what the new ADDE dataset names are.  I
suggest that the first steps are:

- make a list of all ADDE model references you have in your scripts -- look
  for references to RTGRID

- review the dataset names that are now available on livos:

  <as 'mcidas'>
  -- start a McIDAS session


- list out/plot some of the grids from the RTGRIB datasets that look like they
  match the fields you have been using.   You should find what you need very
  quickly especially since the access to the model data on livos is so

- modify your scripts accordingly

> Thank you, thank you, thank you.

No worries.

> By the way, does the new Mcidas have hdf5 readers?

Unfortunately, no.  HDF access is limited to HDF4.

> We are reading hdf5
> files from TES and working with them (overlaying satellite tracks of layer
> average O3 in the UT on the altered WV images) in matlab.  Tony wrote a
> script to read the WV imagery into matlab, but their might be other
> approaches to working with these files (the TES files from the NASA Aura
> satellite).

HDF5 access is one of those things on more than one site's wish list.  Perhaps
this can get into the list of things that need to be done in the current
implementation of McIDAS.  I feel that access to data in BUFR format is probably
a higher priority especially because there is a big switch to BUFR formatted
surface data looming on the horizon.

> Hope have a great weekend.  Its hot here!

It was a very nice weekend here, thanks.

Please let me know if you run into anything on livos that does not make sense.
I have been monitoring it since the installation, and things look like they
are running nicely, but, then again, we all fall into patterns when we are
looking at things, so I might have missed something.


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