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[McIDAS #PWA-370743]: Mcidas--FRMOLAY not returning error code?

Hi Bill,

> Text of batch file follows below.  Lots of old baggage accumulated over
> the years.  Pardon my sloppy housekeeping...need to run the vacuum
> cleaner more often.

No worries on the housekeeping.  I can ignore lines beginning with REM as
well as BATCH can ;-)

> Maybe I need to upgrade (geez, I remember writing a note to myself to do
> that over Christmas...and didn't do it)...we have "mcidas2005" as our
> install directory OOOPS.  I made the change anyway.  The link was
> already there, of course, and ln nattered at me, but I don't think
> that's an issue.

Since neither BATCH nor FRMOLAY changed from v2005 to v2006, an upgrade
should have nothing to do with the problem you are seeing.

> I think I made that change after the current job kicked in.  I've been
> watching it hang after the "Getting overlay data: rows= 3000" message
> for about 10 minutes now.

Hmm...  Which ADDE server are you going to for NEXRCOMP data (output of

> I'll just send this, then.  Not much more to say.

OK.  I have been unable to get FRMOLAY to fail, so it is not possible
(yet) to pinpoint the problem you are seeing.

I have one comment on the ERRORCODE statement:


This will itself give an error since EXIT is not a McIDAS command
or pseudo command (the action of the IF ERRORCODE must be a command
to run).  A syntax that should work would be:


_IF_ the last line of your BATCH file is:


I will keep trying to get the FRMOLAY to fail in the way you are seeing
so I can figure out what is happening...


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