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[McIDAS #QKN-537415]: ADDE services on stratus.al.noaa.gov

Hi Hsie,

Sometime yesterday morning we noticed that the data served by ADDE on
stratus.al.noaa.gov was no longer being updated (Don saw this while
trying to load some image data into the IDV).

I took the liberty of logging onto stratus (via cirrus) as 'mcidas' to
see if I could figure out what was wrong.  I found that ADDE dataset definitions
expected to find data in the /wrk/data/mcidas (via the /home/mcidas/savedata
soft link), /wrk/data/sat/mcidas/..., /wrk/data/sat/gini/..., etc. directories.
Since these directories were empty or did not exist, and since all the data
appeared to be available under the /wrk/data6 directory, I changed the ADDE
dataset definitions from /wrk/data to /wrk/data6. This included modifications

/home/mcidas/solaris/workdata/RESOLV.SRV    <- changed /wrk/data to /wrk/data6
/home/mcidas/solaris/workdata/LNEXRAD.CFG   <- changed /wrk/data to /wrk/data6
/home/mcidas/solaris/workdata/LWPATH.NAM    <- changed savedata to savedata1

After making these changes, ADDE access to realtime data was restored.

I imagine that the changes I made are not necessarily what you would like, so
please change these to match your desired setup.

I apologize for making the changes without first consulting you!


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