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[McIDAS #TZT-994675]: Issue with POINT Data

Hi Martha,

> We are having a problem with the MD/POINT data.  While the decoders have
> files open (determined using the unix "lsof" command) and these files
> are being modified,  it appears that the files are not being overwritten
> after the 10 files for a particular data type have been created.

McIDAS-XCD decoders write to the end of MDXX files until the files reach
their maximum size (as defined in their schema).  You must scour the
files _before_ they get to be 10 days old, otherwise you will have the
exact situation you are inquiring about.

> That
> is, while files MDXX0008, MDXX0018, MDXX0028 etc are the current files,
> the PTLIST command shows the files contain data for day 78 rather than
> day 88, which is today.
> What am I doing wrong?

Not scouring the files.

Do the following:

<as 'ldm'>
cp ~mcidas/workata/mcscour.sh ~ldm/util
-- edit mcscour.sh and make changes like you did for xcd_run (environment
   variables, log file output, number of MD files to keep, etc.

   NB: the number of MDXX files you can keep is limited to 9

-- create a crontab entry that runs your edited copy of mcscour.sh once per
   day shortly after midnight UTC
-- run mcscour.sh by hand to scour out old data files

At this point, since you have 10 days of data on disk, you will need to
delete today's MDXX files and let them get populated with data from today.

There is no easy way to resurrect today's data from the end of the files
being written to.

> Thank you.

No worries.

By the way, I am currently in Burkina Faso (Africa) where the Internet 
is not so hot.  Given this, my ability to quickly respond to inquiries is


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