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[McIDAS #MOR-174854]: May I ask three questions about how to use the command AXFORM to generate multiple files from McIDAS .area data? Thanks a lot.

Hi Kun,

I apologize for the slow replies.  I am currently in Burkina Faso attending
a conference.  The network connections here are not good, so my ability to
respond to inquiries is limited.

> I use McIDAS to extract met5_band8 data intially named as
> mcidas_Meteosat-MVIRI-MTP15-NA-NA-19990612180000.000000000Z
> and obtained from EUMETSAT Archive. However, the extracted data which I
> renamed as 1999_163_1800 has no value at all, I mean,
> when I try to display this extracted image, all value are zeos, why?

AXFORM works on images in McIDAS AREA file format.  The METEOSAT images
from the EUMETSAT archive are most likely not in AREA format, so AXFORM
will not work on them.

> You
> know, I am sure I did every step correctly and used the below command line,
> but all value of the extracted .A01 are zeros. I also tried all data such as
> 1900, 2000, and so on, but no change at all.
> AXFORM 3000 1999_163_1800 FTYPE=ASC NAV=YES

If the file was in AREA file format (which it is NOT), this would be the
correct syntax if you made a link from the original file name to AREA3000.

> Could you please tell me why? Thank you very much.

The image is not in AREA file format, so AXFORM will not work.  Instead, you
will need to setup an ADDE dataset and serve the data out of the file you
downloaded from EUMETSAT.  Please review the online help and Users Guide
section on creating ADDE datasets using DSSERVE.  It would also be a very
good idea to work through the McIDAS training workshop materials so you
better understand ADDE and how to create an ADDE dataset:


Again, I apologize for the slow responses, but the network conditions here
in Burkina Faso are not good, so my ability to communicate is limited.
Also, I am the only person in Unidata that answers McIDAS support questions,
so resending your inquiry will not help.

You could, however, subscribe to the Unidata McIDAS-X email list and
post your inquiries to it.

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Please wait until AFTER you have received notice of being subscribed before
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(and you must be subscribed in order to post), please let people know that
you got your data from a EUMETSAT archive.  This will be important information
for them to know.


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