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[Support #ARA-684823]: ADDE access to remote servers

Hi Julia,

> Yes, I will read more about IMGDISP. I think I will only need a subset of
> the AREA file.

Very good.

re: access to the Unidata-Wisconsin data archive
> Thank you for providing this. I will try to get some AREA files from
> there. But I will need some archived data from 2006. Not a lot, but a
> month or so.

OK.  You will have to send an email requesting that the data be restored
from tape to disk.  Information is contained in:


> I will need the 10-bit images.

Then the Unidata-Wisconsin archive data is _not_ what you need since it
is the 8-bit data; has had the oversampling in the element dimension
removed; and has its resolution reduced.

> If I order data from SSEC Data Center, can
> I specify the band, the size, etc of the AREA file of GOES-12?

I believe that the data that they will make available is the full
resolution, multibanded imagery.  You will need to download it
to a machine in your domain; setup an ADDE dataset for the images;
and work with it locally.  You will receive more information from
SSEC as you work through the ordering process.

Please keep in mind that the data should be free since you are
in a US university.  You will have to work with SSEC to make sure
that they do not charge you (the data is expensive!).

By the way, I am leaving on a trip to Africa tomorrow.  My ability
to resond to support inquiries will be significantly reduced for
the duration (two weeks) of the trip.  Also, I am the only person
in Unidata that answers McIDAS inquiries, so please do not send
in multiple copies of the same questions as they will not be answered
any sooner.


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