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20050905: some questions

>From:  "Guilherme O. Chagas" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UFRJ
>Keywords:  200509052317.j85NHWjo014330 McIDAS MAP

Hi Guilherme,

>I've finished the adaptations required to convert the CPTEC ETA model output
>to Gempak, and I'm about to finish also to our MM5 and WRF models. Expect to
>see our models in IDD really soon! 


>and now the questions...
>I've tried to install McIDAS on my workstation at UFRJ, but I've got those
>issues during make:
>gcc -c -O -I. -I../netcdf/libsrc -I../hdf/hdf/src -I../hdf/mfhdf/libsrc 
>g -I../zlib -I../tiff/libtiff -I../libgeotiff enh24.c
>enh24.c:9:22: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory
>enh24.c:10:23: X11/Xutil.h: No such file or directory
>enh24.c:11:21: X11/Xos.h: No such file or directory
>enh24.c:12:23: X11/Xatom.h: No such file or directory
>enh24.c:14:24: X11/keysym.h: No such file or directory
>enh24.c:17:19: X11/X.h: No such file or directory
>do I have to install an specific X11 development package? I'm currently
>running Fedora Core 3.

This says that a full development environment was not installed on the
workstation.  In particular, the include files and most likely the libraries
needed for X windows development were not installed.  You need to install
the necessary packages (rpms) in order to build McIDAS from source.

>Does the McIDAS v. 2002 had problems to overlay more than one kind of map over
>a satellite image?


>I was using the version installed at brisa to watch
>Katrina, but when I tried to overlay a more detailed map over the original
>contour, it would plot a non georeferenced map. Please dont spend much time
>over this one, its an old unsupported version anyways :)

The problem was most likely caused by incorrectly running the MAP command
when trying to overlay on top of a satellite image.  Here is one possible

- display an image
- draw a map specifying SAT or OLAY as the map type (correct)
- run MAP specifying FILE= or specifying a map type that causes MAP
  to rewrite the navigation associated with the frame 
- try to run MAP again and there does not appear to be any navigation

I would try the exercise again and this time be careful to not run a MAP
command that rewrites the frame navigation.  This is most easily done by
including the PRP=SAT keyword combination on the command line.  Please
review the online or Users Guide pages on the MAP command for more explicit


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