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20040609: mcidas upgrade .. (cont.)

>From:  "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Marianne=20K=F6nig?=" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  EUMETSAT
>Keywords:  200406081246.i58CkctK029884 McIDAS accounting ADDE

Hi Marianne,

>Actually now that I slept over it, what went wrong on 9.0 was simply me -
>I forgot to put in the -gcc option.


>Anyway, we will go for the upgrade now. I assume I still need this -gcc

I am not quite sure exactly how you are building the SSEC distribution
on your Linux machine, but I suspect that you are using the SSEC
procedure (mcinst.sh ?).  In the Unidata world, users run 'make'
directly, so they control the set of compilers used to build on
the 'make' command line.  For example, my users would do:

make              <- uses 'vendor' compilers; for Linux this defaults to
                     use of gcc/f2c/mcfc in v2003 and gcc/gcc in v2004
make VENDOR=-gcc  <- forces use of gcc/f2c/mcfc
make VENDOR=-g77  <- forces use of gcc/g77

So, I would guess that for your build you would not need the '-gcc'
option, but I am not sure since I don't know how you are building.

>I cannot take Friday off - the advantage is, everybody else is, so at
>least it gives me an easy drive into Darmstadt and lots of time to do
>my real work.

I understand completely.  I like to go into work on the weekends
since there is nobody there, and I can get so much thinking done.

Well, it is late here (1:37 am), and I am fighting a problem caused
by a power outage after large thunderstorms raked the Colorado
foothills and eastern plains.


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