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20031028: Unidata McIDAS-X Version 2003 at NIU (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200310280030.h9S0U4Ob008841 McIDAS-X install


>Is there any way that I could move the data directory to /home/data
>for consistency across my 3 machines? That's how all my scripts are set 
>up. A soft link can be provided (see what I did on weather2 and weather).

You can easily do this.  I would recommend:

- rm /data/...  directories
- change the data and logs link in the ~ldm account to point at
  /home/data/... subdirectories
- change the REDIRECTions in the 'mcidas' account
- resetup the XCD decoding stuff

>From address@hidden Tue Oct 28 13:02:14 2003

>On weather3.admin.niu.edu. redhat-config-users suddenly won't work. I have 
>no way to add/subtract/change users!

I can't account for the redhat-config-users suddenly not working.

>Plus the LDM was all different and not working right.

I changed directory structure as I said in my earlier email and not much more.

>Suddenly, "sh" shell scripts are segfaulting. 
>Uh...what's going on?

No idea.

>From address@hidden Tue Oct 28 13:37:00 2003

>I think you installed something that messed up Python, which is now making 
>redhat-config-users and the java applets from the pull-down menu crash. 

The things I installed were:

- ldm-mcidas
- compress and uncompress

>Could you look into that (I saw the RPM in the /tmp directory, that 
>program might have done that!).

The RPM was for the compress and uncompress stuff.  That got installed
correctly in /usr/bin (uncompress is simply a link to compress, so
the only thing that got added should have been compress).

>Also, I moved the stuff around so that 
>things are decoding now in /home/data/mcidas.

Did you update the McIDAS setup to match this?


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