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20031028: Unidata McIDAS-X Version 2003 at NIU (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200310280030.h9S0U4Ob008841

Hi Gilbert,

re: changing data directory to /home/data
>OK. Here's what I did...I should have set up LDM better before I did this, 

No worries.  I shouldn't have messed with our setup as much as I
did, but I was trying to make it look more like "standard" installations.
The best intentions...

>I changed all the directories where data is ingested to point to 
>/home/data/****, where /home/data/mcidas is where the McIDAS stuff is 

I saw that yesterday afternoon.

>I changed the ldmadmin so that /home/ldm/logs, data and etc are where the 
>logs get written to, queue files, and pqact/ldmd files, respectively, are 

You should not have had to do this.  ldmamdin gets configured on
installation to put log files in $LDMHOME/logs.  The Unix environment
variable LDMHOME is typically the same as $HOME, so the log files
usually get written to ~ldm/logs.  This is /home/ldm/logs in your

>I turned on pqsurf so that I could decode METARs

OK.  FYI, the use of pqsurf is dwindling in the community.

re: I can't account for the redhat-config-users suddenly not working.
>TWis is WEIRD. How did you change your users/add new users?

Yes, this is weird.  I modified users and added mcadde using 'vipw'
run as 'root'.  This is a common way that system administrators
manage users without going through a script (like 'useradd' or
a GUI provided by the OS.

re: No idea why shell scripts are segfaulting.

I agree.  Hmm...  Nothing I did should have affected this at all.

re: systemwise, all I installed with the RPM that contains compress
>OK. Double hmmm.


re: did you update McIDAS to match your directory changes
>No, I will get that tomorrow. I need to rerun the REDIRECT batch file 
>with the correct directories, right?

I did this yesterday afternoon.  When I last looked, McIDAS data was
being decoded correctly.  What I have not done yet is setup scouring
of the McIDAS data files.  I will add the cron entry sometime today.


>From address@hidden Wed Oct 29 09:48:14 2003

>On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Unidata Support wrote:

>> re: I can't account for the redhat-config-users suddenly not working.

>I do!!!


>Bad bug from RedHat. It's part of a bug that is crashing many programs. 
>Hasn't done this on weather or weather2, even though they are running 9.0.
>Hmmm. Anyway, RedHat is working on it.

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