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combining 2 areas


i am enclosing 2 area files which represent the results of Tony Schreiners
Co2 Absorption technique. They are a cloud top pressure file for both Goes
12 and Goes 10 for roughly the same hour. We would like to combine the
information of the two area files onto one common grid over CONUS
(presumably using IMGREMAP PRO=RECT) at full resolution, then extract the
data out of area format (using axform) and finally reading that output and
placing it into another database. We would then repeat process for all other
times we have collected. I am having trouble with the first step.

Can you provide help here?

From address@hidden Wed Oct 29 06:55:22 2003

Followup to the original email. if you do an IMGPROBE on the initial AREA
files there are values for PROD BM ,  CTP BM and  CLDT KGED....i believe BM
stands for millibars and KGED stands for Degrees K. At any rate it is the
CTP value i am interested in not the brightness temperature. 

Randy Alliss

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