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20030820: ualist (cont.) and DSSERVE DIRFILE=

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200308201138.h7KBccLd008934 McIDAS-X MKRAOBID DSSERVE REDIRECT

Hi Randy,

>Now its my turn to chime in...it looks like MKRAOBID is not part of the SSEC
>MCIDAS. no worries i will use UNIMCIDAS on the alphas...


>When i use DSSERVE with the DIRFILE option do i also have to setup
>ie., DSSERVE ADD SIG/DATA MD DIRFILE='/scratch/tmp/200*.ISFC'

You shouldn't.

>I cant seem to PTLIST SIG/DATA.ALL FORM=FILE   it produces files from
>another dataset and when i use

Check your regular expression with 'ls' to make sure it gives back
the list of files you think it should:

ls /scratch/tmp/200*.ISFC

Also, the quotes are not necessary (I don't know if they are bad).

>REDIRECT ADD 200*.ISFC "/scratch/tmp/
>i get
>200*.ISF /scratch/tmp/   (note ISF and not ISFC) 
>this results in not seeing the correct files.
>any clues.

After setting up the REDIRECT, what does DMAP report:




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