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20030820: FW: ualist

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200308201138.h7KBccLd008934 McIDAS-X UALIST

Hi Randy,

>See below..Can you provide an alternative to the problem. I need to print
>out listings of every sounding in CONUS with both man/sig data listed.

Barry is, of course, correct in pointing out that LAT, LON, ST, and CO
are not keys in a significant level upper air file.  A PTLIST shows this

Row :      1  Col :      1

DAY         =   2003232 CYD         | TIME        =         0 HMS         |
TYPE        =      SIGT             | CMAX        =      4585             |
IDN         =     89009             | P3          = _missing_             |
P1          = _missing_             | P2          = _missing_             |
Number of matches found = 1

Since both mandatory and significant level data will be listed when you
specify the upper air station IDN in a UALIST invocation, your
objective can be met by writing a small script that first gets a list
of all available RAOB sites in the CONUS and then runs UALIST for each
site in the list.  Unidata McIDAS contains a routine I wrote, MKRAOBID,
that generates a list of RAOB sites that are reporting in a given ADDE

MKRAOBID -- Create ASCII file containing RAOB station information
MKRAOBID input outfile

   input      ADDE dataset name/group.pos or ASCII file containing
              a list of RAOB station IDNs, one per line
              (def RTPTSRC/UPPERMAND.0)
   outfile    output ASCII file of RAOB station information (def RAOBID.DAT)

   LAT=       Lower Right (LR) and Upper Left (UL) latitude extents
                (def= -90 90)
   LON=       Lower Right (LR) and Upper Left (UL) longitude extents
                (def= -180 180)


The format of the output file created by MKRAOBID is as follows:

01001 ENJA   Jan Mayen                NO   70:56:00    8:40:00    10
01004 ENAS   Ny-Alesund Ii            NO   78:55:00  -11:56:00     8
01028 ENBJ   Bjornoya                 NO   74:31:00  -19:01:00    16
01152 ENBO   Bodo Vi                  NO   67:16:00  -14:22:00     1
01241 ENOL   Orland Iii               NO   63:42:00   -9:36:00     0
01384 ENGM   Oslo / Gardermoen        NO   60:12:00  -11:05:00    20
01400  ----  Ekofisk                  NO   56:32:00   -3:13:00    46
01415 ENZV   Stavanger / Sola         NO   58:53:00   -5:38:00     0

Your script could run MKRAOBID to generate a file of stations reporting
data and then read through the list to get the station IDN (the first field
in the MKRAOBID output) and use it in individual UALIST invocations:


Naturally, your script would contain only the IDNs for CONUS RAOBS.

If it were me, I would write a Unix shell script (e.g., SH, CSH, or
Tcl) to do the work.  I would redirect the output from the UALIST
invocations to a single file so that the result would be virtually
exactly what you are looking for in a single invocation.

Please let me know if you have further questions...


>Randy Alliss
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>Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 4:42 PM
>To: Alliss, Randall J.
>Subject: Re: ualist
>Hi Randy,
>The reason it doesn't list the significant level data when you specify
>the CO= keyword is that the MD files that store significant level data
>do NOT contain parameters like latitude, longitude, state or country.
>The MD files with mandatory level data *do* contain those parameters, so
>keywords LAT=, LON=, ST= and CO= can be used to grab that data.
>You can see that by running the command SEE DCIRAB. The output's top
>section lists the parameters in the IRAB (mandatory) files, which
>contain parameters named LAT, LON, ST and CO. The output's bottom
>section lists the parameters in the IRSG (significant) files, which do
>*not* contain LAT, LON, ST and CO.
>Therefore if UALIST is used with IRAB and IRSG schema MD files (as is
>usually the case), LAT=, LON=, ST= or CO= can search and find only
>mandatory (not significant) level data.
>Sorry I can't give you a better news. Let me know if you have any more
>Barry Roth
>McIDAS Help Desk
>On 8/19/03 1:48 PM, Alliss, Randall J. wrote:
>> Hi,
>> the following command should provide me a listing of the significant and
>> mandatory levels of UA data for all stations in CONUS but only gives
>> Mandatory. 
>> if i get rid of CO=US and replace X with KIAD i get the all data for that
>> sounding location.  Is this a bug in McIDAS or am i doing something wrong
>> here.
>> thanks,
>> Randy



>From address@hidden Wed Aug 20 10:16:35 2003
>Cc: address@hidden, "'McIDAS Help Desk'" <address@hidden>
>Subject: RE: 20030820: FW: ualist 

thanks for both suggestions.

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