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20030731: never mind..: McIDAS can't seem to access data in RTPTSRC

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NTSB
>Keywords: 200308010251.h712pjLd022634


I am sorry that I was unable to check out your problem earlier this
week.  Things have been hectic around here with the NWS change to the
NOAAPORT datastream for GINI data (I had thought that this was supposed
to occur at the beginning of September); having to put together an
abstract for the Seattle AMS meeting; and trying to get a McIDAS-X
v2003 distribution ready for release.  This morning I finally feel that
I have time to attend to some _other_ pressing matters one of which was

As far as why you had to delete and recreate the *.RAP files several
times, the only thing I can think of is that your LDM was running when
you made the changes.  Either that, or you may have needed to delete
the index file ~mcidas/workdata/DCLSTIDX.PTR.  The latter is the
most likely since the things that were failing for you, SFCLIST
and SFCCON are MD file related, not *.RAP/*.RAT file related.

By the way, I stuck out the v2003 distribution yesterday afternoon.  I
had intended to do a round robin of installs on various ADDE servers
under my control before announcing it, but I figure that you may want
to grab it early (like another site did this morning).

>I sent this mesage a few days ago.  Please disregard.  Even though I had
>deleted the *.RAP files several times and reran XCDDEC.BAT..I tried two
>more times..and that finally fixed it.  I have no idea why it took several
>tries but it seems to be working now.

I am glad to hear that things are now working.

>Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 23:41:03 -0500
>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>To: address@hidden <address@hidden>
>Subject: McIDAS can't seem to access data in RTPTSRC
>I am once agaain working on our new RH 8.0 box.  The one that you looked at
>before.  It has a new IP address (back on NASA network).  It is
>newpsn.nsbf.nasa.gov (  The passwords are the same as before.
>McIDAS seems to be working okay..it is writing data files out okay (MD,
>AREA.. etc) and reedirect.k, dsserve.k look okay, but I can't list text
>data using sfclist or sfcrpt or contour data (SFCCON  is all I have tried).

>However, WXTLIST shows text data is there.  For example I can do SFCLIST
>KIAH right now and I get no data..but if I dod WXTLIST WMO=SAUS MATCH=KIAH
>I can find it. Also SFCCON PMSL says no data..but MDXX0100 does exist.
>Please feel free to poke around...I a stumped as to what I did wrong.  I have 
>never had this problem before.
>Robert Mulle


>From address@hidden Sun Aug  3 11:24:35 2003

re: sorry
>No problem, I know you guys are swamped up there.

re: v2003
I will go ahead and get it and install it on this machine here.

>Thanks as always.   If you guys are sending someone to the NWS meeting
on Aug. 13, I'll see them there.

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