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20030731: Mcidas-X 2003 missing file

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: ULM
>Keywords: 200308010034.h710YuLd004340 McIDAS-X 2003 mosdisp


>I have downloaded and extracted the distribution and have followed the online
>instructions to a T.  I am getting this message when i run 
>"make all VENDOR=-g77"
>make: ERROR: Lack files needed for build: mosdisp.pgm
>Your package is incomplete.
>make: *** [chksrc] Error 1
>From what i can figure there is a missing file in the distribution.  I looked
>and i looked for the file but i could not find it.  Just wondering what is
>going on.

Some last minute triage removed a routine under development from the
set of source files, but failed to remove the entries for the routine
in the makefile.  I just cut a new distribution with a corrected makeflie
and stuck it out in the download directory.  Please regrab the file
and reunpack it over top of what you have now.


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