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20021217: McIDAS FRNTDISP core CVS

Hi Jay,

>We have an inquiry for FRNTDISP to be moved to core McIDAS for the 2003


>At this time inquiry 11209 is listed as being resolved by yourself. We
>were wondering if you plan to submit an updated FRNTDISP through our cvs
>system, or if we should just grab the frntdisp.pgm file that you made
>available to Bryan.

I plan on submitting a raft of bugfixes to the CVS system in the coming
days (I am at home today helping a couple of guys chip slash).  At
time I will add frntdisp.f to the CVS system so it can make it in
v2003 core.

>Thanks, Jay



>From address@hidden Tue Dec 17 14:10:09 2002

sounds great, thanks for the update!

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