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20021217: McIDAS 7.8 RAOBCON

>From: "Fingerhut, William A" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200212171827.gBHIRW421182 McIDAS RAOBCON PTCON

Hi Bill,

>Before I forget, let me wish you and all at UPC a happy holiday. As always,
>best wishes for this season and all that follow.

Thanks.  Please relay our sentiments to the folks at Lyndon also!

>I'm still using Mcidas 7.8, and may have found another bug. I don't need a
>fix; but I thought you would want to know.


>When I use RAOBCON to create and save a grid of a derived quantity, like VOR,
>the wrong grid is saved. For example:
>IGU DEL 2001                   (I know this is old syntax.)
>     1 97649 120000 U       500     MDX     ......
>Instead of saving a grid of VOR, a grid of U is saved. ???
>(Once upon a time, 3 grids were saved by UCC: U, V, and VOR. Does RAOBCON save
>  the wrong grid?)
>BTW, the same thing happens with other derived quantities, e.g. SPD.

I belive that this was fixed in the v2002 version of McIDAS, but I will
check to make sure.


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