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20021114: McIDAS-X v2002 with newer versions of Tcl/Tk

>From: Wahner Paul Contr CSR4500 <address@hidden>
>Organization: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
>Keywords: 200211141352.gAEDqZL18153 McIDAS-X TclTk 8.4.0

Hi Paul,

>I remember you saying at the MUG meeting that you made a few minor changes
>to get newer versions of Tcl/Tk to compile and work with McIDAS.

Yes.  I made a change or two in tkAppInit.c, wishinit.c, and wishmcid.c
I also made a change to mci_curs.c that eliminates core dumping of the
mcimage window on certain systems (e.g., Compaq/DEC OSF/1) when doing
Lat,Lon tracking of cursor movements.

The changes made to tkAppInit.c and wishinit.c are small and may not be
absolutely necessary for the upgrade.  The real change was in
wishmcid.c, and it was minor.  One warning, however, my copy of
wishmcid.c has one more 'mcidas' interface than the SSEC one: 'mcidas
recursionlimit'.  This is an interface that allows me to change the
dept of the evaluation stack that used by Tcl/Tk.  I needed this in my
MCGUI work.

>I have a
>window of opportunity to work with it for a while. Would you be willing to
>share those changes with me? 

I put all 4 routines in the pub/mcidas/src/tcltk8.4 directory of
anonymous FTP on our FTP server, ftp.unidata.ucar.edu, for you to

The way I did my upgade was to:

o rename ~mcidas/mcidas2002/tcl to ~mcidas/mcidas2002/tcl8.0.4
  rename ~mcidas/mcidas2002/tk  to ~mcidas/mcidas2002/tk8.0.4

o unpack Tcl/Tk 8.4.0 and move the tcl8.4.0 and tk8.4.0 directories
  to ~mcidas/mcidas2002/tcl and ~mcidas/mcidas2002/tcl, respectively

o save off old copies of the 4 files I modified and copy the new ones
  into ~mcidas/mcidas2002/src

o rerun make -- I do not use the SSEC build script since this unpacks
  a distribution and then runs make

Please note that I have not tried using the SSEC GUI with the new
version of Tcl/Tk, so you may run into problems if you are using it.
Please let me know of any problems you run into.


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