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20021114: 20021113: fkey menu problem running UACROSS

>From: "Fingerhut, William A" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200210291605.g9TG5tX06392 McIDAS Fkey cross-sections


re: TD cross section problem was a typo

>That did the trick, thanks.

I always like to hear that things work :-)

>I wondered about PARM=. The help for UACROSS shows PARam=  --
>I assumed PAR= and PARAM= would work, but did not check the source
>code for other possibilities.

Your instincts were entirely correct.  The way that the keyword documentation
for commands is to be interpreted is:

PARam=  -> PAR=, PARA=, and PARAM= all will work

>Anyway, I'm glad this was an easy
>one for you. I like easy problems once in a while.

Me too!

>I don't want to beat the update to 2002 issue to death, but I 
>wish there was a solution. I have heard that SSEC is not too
>flexible, and I know first hand about altering scripts to conform
>to new versions.

The problem is that they have more users of McIDAS than Unidata.  Since
the other users are not rebundling McIDAS into their own distribution,
they _are_ getting it at the beginning of the summer.  The problem I
have is that the Unidata distribution is significantly different
(enhanced) from the SSEC one, so it takes me time to create it from
what I get from SSEC.

>Can anyone help you test/upgrade a new version from
>SSEC, or can the usercomm ask SSEC to change their schedule?

I am _the_ McIDAS support person at the UPC.

>Those are the only ideas I have, so if they don't help I will 
>let it rest.

We will probably have to let this rest for now.  The fact that I
have direct access to the CVS code repository at SSEC helps me
introduce Unidata-specific code modifications into the core so that
the job of integrating my changes with the offical release becomes
easier with time.  It is, in fact, significantly easier now than
in the past, but it still takes too much time to produce a new

Got to run...


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