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20021113: ldm having issues starting up related to McIDAS-XCD (cont.)

>From: William C Klein <address@hidden>
>Organization: Valparaiso
>Keywords: 200211131551.gADFpqL24688 LDM ldmd.conf xcd_run McIDAS-XCD


>Yes,  I believe the server was rebooted this morning.  Does that answer
>any questions?

Not in of itself.  It strikes me that the LDM and -XCD decoding was
working OK up to some point.  The machine was rebooted for some reason,
and now shared memory access is not working correctly.  McIDAS routines
communicate with each other through shared memory (all of those ipcs I
referred to previously), so if shared memory is not working OK, then
they will not work.  If they don't work, no data gets decoded into
McIDAS format.

So, I recommend rebooting aeolus and seeing if there are any bad spots
on the disk.  This kind of the information on the previous boot would
have been useful.  For instance, if the McIDAS routine 'mcenv' was
damaged somehow, the failure I sent you previously would be explained.
If shared memory is OK on reboot, a rebuild of McIDAS may be in order
if there were sections of the disk (inodes) that were damaged in a
previous reboot.


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