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20021016: saving frame contents into GIF files using FRMSAVE

>From: Sridharareddy Duggireddy <address@hidden>
>Organization: USF
>Keywords: 200210162107.g9GL7S107707 McIDAS FRMSAVE

Hi Sridharareddy,

>I am Sridharareddy.I am working as a graduate assistant in the university
>of south florida's Department of geography lab.I am working under
>Dr.Arlene Laing.

>I have to design a webpage to display realtime images.
>I am trying to save the images in this format yyyymmdddhhmm.gif but i was
>not able to do it.can you please help me how to save the image sin that
>format using frmsave?

I just plotted a national 1 km radar image and saved it using FRMSAVE
in my McIDAS-X MCGUI session:

SF 1
FRMSAVE 1 2002102892015.gif

Does this not work for you?

Since you are trying to create GIF (tm) images for web pages, it seems
likely that you will be wanting to do the display and GIF generation
from a script.  Is this the case?

Are you trying to generate the date portion of the file name from the
image that is displayed?  If so, there is more work to be done, but
we can talk about this after you answer the above questions.

Tom Yoksas

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