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20020312: new gribdec.tar.Z bundle

>From: Dave Santek <address@hidden>
>Organization: Space Science & Engineering Center
>Keywords: 200203121732.g2CHWQa09247 McIDAS-X -XCD gribdec.k


>Can you explain how the your gribdec.tar.Z is related to -XCD?

Chad put together the original gribdec.tar.Z as a set of the XCD
routines and header files that were needed for folks to be able
to build the standalone grib decoder, gribdec.k, without having to
have -XCD installed.

>How does your gribdec.tar.Z differ from the old version we have?

Yes.  I have updated three XCD C routines; changed the grib.h and
gridparm.inc include files, and fixed problems in at least one of the
gbtbpds001.* tables and added another.

>And, what is meant by:
>"As part of my getting new stuff out, I will be updating the CVS repository
>at SSEC with my modifications.  Hopefully, they will make it into the
>May upgrade from SSEC."
>Is this the new nav module? Or, is there more?

The update will be the fixes to the gbtbpds001.* tables, the grid.h and
gridparm.inc include files, and the source code modifications in
btab.c, Mcgribdecoder.c, Mcmkmcgrid.c, and in gribdec.pgm that is bundled
with gribdec.tar.Z.

The new gribdec.tar.Z bundle I have put together has all of these fixes
and it uses the btab.c routine to create navigation blocks for grib
messages with nav type 255.


>From address@hidden Tue Mar 12 10:52:34 2002
>To: "Hoeth, Brian" <address@hidden>
>CC: "'Unidata Support'" <address@hidden>,
>   Dee Wade <address@hidden>, Dave Santek <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: 20020311: GRIB to netcdf (cont.)


I am confused if you are talking about a separate piece of code or -XCD
changes.  Needless to say the deadline for new code to make it into the
upgrade has pasted so I cannot guarantee this will make it, especially
since we really have no idea what this is about. Dave will contact TomY
for more details.


"Hoeth, Brian" wrote:

> Thanks, as always, for your very detailed email Tom.  I'll send you some
> sample GRIB files in a separate email.
> Dee:  Is there a way that I can "coax" you into making sure that Tom's
> updates to the GRIB decoder software make it into the SSEC McIDAS 7.9
> release?  Read below ...
> Thanks,
> Brian Hoeth
> Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin
> CSOC - Consolidated Space Operations Contract
> Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
> Office:  281-218-2240
> Pager:  281-613-1020
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Unidata Support [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 9:35 AM
> To: Hoeth, Brian
> Cc: address@hidden; address@hidden
> Subject: 20020311: GRIB to netcdf (cont.)
> >From: "Hoeth, Brian" <address@hidden>
> >Organization:  JSFC
> >Keywords:  200202211951.g1LJpex01567 gribtonc
> Brian,
> >Thanks for all the info!
> No worries.
> >When do you expect the new gribdec.tar.Z package
> >to be finished?
> I am hoping to be able to put together my 7.805 McIDAS addendum and
> the new gribdec.tar.Z package next week (this week will be consumed
> by meetings).
> >Should I just check the unidata web page periodically or is
> >there a mailing list I can get on?
> I will announce the addendum and the new gribdec bundle to the mcidas-x
> email list that we maintain.  Since I see that you are not subscribed to
> this list, I would suggest doing so.  It has low volume (unfortunately),
> so you will not be innundated with emails from its traffic.  You can
> subscribe/unsubscribe to Unidata-maintained email lists online at:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/mailinglist/mailing-list-form.html
> >FYI, we DO have XCD, so I'm thinking
> >you're tar package will fit nicely into our configuration.
> I thought you did, but I wanted to make sure.
> >I'll just need
> >to figure out how to integrate it into our core XCD stuff since I usually
> >build McIDAS and XCD per the SSEC install instructions.
> As part of my getting new stuff out, I will be updating the CVS repository
> at SSEC with my modifications.  Hopefully, they will make it into the
> May upgrade from SSEC.  Other than that, you can build the gribdec.k
> and grib2img.k executables outside of McIDAS-X/XCD.
> >As for your Aside, you're kind of talking over my head, but I think what
> >you're asking me is if you think you should develop something that will
> >create navigation no matter what dimensions the grid has in the X and Y.
> >I'm not quite sure what you mean by "creating navigation", but I say "go
> for
> >it".
> Sorry, I guess that since I was intently looking at the code, everyone
> else must be also :-)  The point is that McIDAS has separate support for
> Lambert Conformal secant (projection cone intersects the globe at two
> latitudes) and tangent (projection cone intersects/touches the globe
> at only one latitude).  The reason they have two different navigation
> modules is historic.  A more general formulation of the navigation code
> would allow for either secant or tangent projections in one navigation
> module.  In a situation like this, GRDLIST wouldn't show some grids with
> projection LAMB (secant) and others with TANC (tangent); they could all
> be the same, something like LCC (Lambert Conformal Conic).
> So, signup for the mcidas-x email list, and you get the notification of
> the availability of the new gribdec.tar.Z pacakge.
> One last thing: it would be useful for me to get a couple of the grids
> (grib messages) that you need/want to decode into McIDAS GRID format.
> This way, I can verify that the new gribdec package will work with them.
> Later...
> Tom
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